What we do

Pittsburgh Area Family & Senior Photographer

capturing amazing portraits for FUN and ADVENTUROUS families!

I’m passionate about crafting timeless legacies in every piece of art. I see myself as a memory-maker, capturing those spontaneous, magical moments that make your family's adventures unique. My dedication is to keep your family legacy alive, ensuring each image becomes a lasting memory filled with the joy, laughter, and exploration of your special moments.

Your Story, Your Legacy

As you explore my portfolio, you'll witness a visual narrative of the connections between people, nature, and time. Whether you're seeking a breathtaking landscape to adorn your walls or a heartfelt portrait to pass down through generations, each image tells a story waiting to become a cherished part of your family legacy.

Join me in embracing the beauty of nature, celebrating the power of human connection, and preserving memories that stand the test of time. Let's go on an adventure together—one where every photograph is a testament to the richness of life and the authentic connection that binds us together.

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We absolutely loved working with Amy!

She photographed our extended family and was SO incredibly flexible when it came to rescheduling due to poor weather (and crazy family schedules - organizing photos for 10 different schedules is no joke!). She is so professional, so organized, and we absolutely love the final outcome of the photos! We are so thankful for Amy and her talent!

Jenna S.