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This week, I decided to create a little art with my photography. I have been playing around with different mixed art media to see if I can find an artistic way to display my photographs as a fine art piece. Rather than creating a before and after of an edited photo, I decided to show a little behind the scenes of my art work. Materials included in this project were a 5×7 photo, 5×7 board for mounting, Gold Oil Paint Pen and Art Resin. Art Resin is a clear coat high-gloss epoxy resin that really brings artwork to life while protecting it.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

This piece I selected was a photo of a daisy I photographed last year. For this project, I mounted a 5×7 photo on a wood board to give depth. To dress up the edging, I painted the wood with a gold oil paint pen. You may note the neat little bumble bee in the corner. My husband 3D printed the bee and I was trying to figure out how I might add this, but it didn’t make the final piece. Maybe next time.

Once the gold paint had dried, I mixed up the appropriate portions of the Art Resin acrylic and hardener. This mixture is then poured over the piece and spread evenly to coat. One of the tricky things about this technique is removing the drips on the underside of the board. If you let it harden too long, they are nearly impossible to remove.

You might notice the butane torch and wonder, “what the heck is that used for?” This is the most satisfying portion of the acrylic project for me. After pouring the art resin, bubbles will begin to rise to the surface. Many of them will pop on their own, but you can also use the torch to speed up the bubble popping process. 

Typically, when using this type of Resin, you can do a second coat after 12 hours (but note the first coat will be tacky). You will be able to touch the art piece after 24 hours of drying and it is fully cured after 72 hours.

Overall, this was a very fun project to create. It is a lot of work and a whole lot of mess but I am so glad I took the time to try it out. 

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  1. Oh, wow…that came out awesome! I’d be afraid I’d ruin it without first testing on a small piece. You are super crafty!

    1. Thank you! I was nervous as well. This is why I tested it out on a $5 print from Walmart first before I try on the Simply Color Lab prints 🙂

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